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The Way to Use Web Hosting Google and Its Benefits | Lets Gaming

The Way to Use Web Hosting Google and Its Benefits

Google is trying satisfied its users by offering anything they want. One of the services offered by Google is Google Cloud. Google Cloud is considered a web hosting Googleservice. It sounds good for you, especially if you want to build a website for developing an online business. Before that, you have to learn how to use this hosting service to support your website.

Create a Google Cloud Platform Project

You must create a Google Cloud platform project before using the web hosting service. Besides creating a new project, you are also able to select the existing project. You may create a new project if you don’t want to keep the resources. Later, you can delete the project anytime you want. Don’t forget to check the billing. You have to make sure that the billing is enabled for the Google Cloud platform project.

Have a Domain

The next important thing you must have is a domain. The domain has to be your own domain and you can manage it anytime you want. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can create it first. Nowadays, it is easy to create a new domain and you need a few minutes to get your own domain. When the domain is ready, you can go back and continue the process of using web hosting Google. It is an important element because later you have to verify the domain you want to use. That’s why you must have a top-level domain before using the hosting service. For those are purchasing a domain from Google Domains, the verification process will be done automatically.

Create a CNAME Record and Bucket

It is an important thing to create a CNAME record because it directs traffics. The record needs to fill specific information such as the domain name, type, and data. When it is done, you can continue the process by creating a bucket and it has to be matched with the CNAME that has been created before. The process is including uploading and sharing your website files. All the steps are explained on the official website when you are using the web hosting service.

Test the Website

You can start to test the website by typing the domain name in a browser. The process is done if the browser detects the object you requested.

The Benefits of Using Web Hosting Service from Google

There are several benefits you can get from the web hosting service. The first benefit is that your website will be protected by a world-class security system. As a result, you can reduce any kind of risk which can disturb your website and online activities while using the website. Moreover, you are able to choose a great choice in which the web hosting service offers hybrid and multi-cloud services. One of the best benefits is that you don’t need to get confused with the server anymore. Google Could is developed serverless. Because it is serverless, the system will be simpler so it is easy to use by anyone who needs a web hosting Google service.        

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