The Best VPN for iPhone – A Review

VPN service is not something new nowadays but it seems there are some differences when it comes to VPN for iPhone and for Android. Some people need to have this kind of tool planted on their phones due to how the technology works today. For example, Spotify and Netflix can scan your account of Facebook so they can give you a better recommendation.

Considering using a VPN would be one of the best ideas to protect your privacy online without losing your favorite activities. In this article, we will show you a list of VPN for iPhone names you can download or purchase online. Some of them are free but some of them also need a subscription so you can enjoy their free services anytime and anywhere.

Before it becomes, this VPN was formerly named Cloak. It has an auto-connect feature that will make you love this app more and more. Other than that, you can even set up your own list of trusted networks that will connect other networks to your iOS automatically. This VPN service will automatically connect your phone to a Wi-Fi connection even though you did not trust the connection without making you worry. The list of pricing starts from USD 3.99 for weekly use and USD 99.99 for an annual subscription.


This VPN service from Tunnelbear provides some fun user interface. It also has the auto-connect feature just like the first brand we have reviewed previously. You can also enjoy their free plan that will allow you to have 500MB per month. So, if you are looking for a VPN service for a certain occasion then this Tunnelbear might something you look for. The pro Tunnelbear costs USD 9.99 per month or USD 59.99 for an annual subscription.


Nord is the favorite of many iPhone users due to its excellent services. Compared to other names of VPNs on this article, this VPN can be touted as the best interface on the list. There is a bunch of connections you can connect and you can mark your favorite connections easily. According to the company’s claim, this VPN works really great for streaming Netflix and offers the Onion network for better security. Even though it has excellent service, it has no auto-connect feature provided by two previous brands above.


This name can be touted as the newest service of VPN on the iOS market. The service works really well and it is pretty easy to set up the service as well as choosing the server you want to connect. One of the most interesting features of this brand is that you can whitelist some websites. This will be a great thing when Hulu or Netflix could not be connected.

Express VPN

The name of Express VPN is very popular. It works just like what you want even though there is no auto-connect feature and whitelist feature. Still, this one is great to fulfill your needs for VPN in your phone. And this is the end section of VPN for iPhone.

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