An Honest Review of Free Version of VPN Turbo

VPN Turbo or Turbo VPN is basically a VPN system only designed for mobile-based out of China. Until today, there are more than 50 million downloads around the world and most of them are using the free version. Even though there are various brands and names of free VPNs out there, not many of them are good. Some of them are the lack of security, got poor performance, or data breach.

Pros and cons of Turbo VPN

When it comes to a product, you may need to know about the pros and cons. In this section, we will show you some of the pros and cons of VPN Turbo. The first list will be the benefits of using this VPN.

The benefits

Most free VPNs have no great security services. But this thing is different when it comes to Turbo VPN. It has a tunneling protocol that will allow you to get an up-to-date service without worrying about the security measures.

It also provides a service that will make other computers unable to detect the leak. Leaks are something that could ruin the VPN service. Still, this is something that would not happen if you use Turbo VPN. The most common leaks are such as DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks. On the other hand, leaks are pretty dangerous for your browsing experience.

This VPN also works flawlessly with Netflix if you switch to the VIP servers. Considering Netflix is blocked according to your geographic location, you can use a VPN to trick the system, initially. Nowadays, Netflix has upgraded their system so you cannot use every VPN to watch Netflix. However, Turbo VPN has upgraded their system as well so you can still watch Netflix by switching your connection to the VIP servers, which is not the free one.

This VPN also allows you to connect with torrent. Attacks and other cybercriminals have commonly been started through torrents. Using VPN will allow you to stay safe when you are surfing on the torrent ocean considering there is no censorship as long as you use it on your phone, not your PC.

The drawbacks

An old saying says that when a product is free then you are the product. In fact, all companies need to make money and on the other hand, servers are obviously not cheap. Can you imagine what did the companies do to get money while their VPN is free? Well, it might be a good move to read carefully the policy before you log.

As we have mentioned earlier, Turbo VPN is based out of China and it also makes a Chinese Jurisdiction. There is an agreement between China and the other 14 countries in this whole world so every country can spy on each other’s users virtually.

Using a VPN will also slow down your speed. On the other hand, Turbo VPN can only be used for your mobile devices. Even its VIP members can only have a small server park. And this is anything you need to know about the VPN Turbo.

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