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Website Archive: 5 Powerful Tools to Search the Archived Internet

The website archive or the archived internet has gained a higher recognition nowadays along with the “online security” topic that becomes one of the hottest topics everywhere. Of course, it has a lot to do with the privacy policy, data scandals, and many similar things. In fact, keeping the internet a reliable yet stable network should also be combined with data preservation other than just focusing on data security alone.

Do you know that the information online could not last for a decade? In fact, we commonly found many dead links scattered here and there on the internet. Later, they will replace it with new yet fresher links. If you want to find out about the “dead links” on the internet, you can use some tools which you can also find on the internet. All you need to do is read this article about the website archive thoroughly.

If you need something easy and quick to grab the record of an existing webpage with high-quality and free then you need to use this one. This thing is really useful if you want to get information about real estate listing, job offer, price list, and other blog posts that might be taken down soon. Anything can be done through a few clicks.

In order to use this tool, you just need to paste the URL on the site and click the “save the page” button. The saved webpage would not show any active elements such as popup, paywall, and anything like that.


Lumen is a tool that will help you to grab data that was lost due to the domains become unavailable, permanently. Commonly, it is caused by the legal demands related to where the content should be removed. Fortunately, this kind of removal demand can be archived. Lumen will help you with this issue easily.


The next tool you can use is PeekYou. Sometimes the data cannot be located by using a normal internet search engine. This issue is commonly caused by plenty or archives or too much information without the presence of the big data presented by the local papers or websites. PeekYou will allow you to reach the isolated databases. Other than that, you can even reach hidden information on individuals as well just by knowing the location and name.

The Wayback Machine

This tool is also popular on the internet. It features millions of audio recordings, videos, images, texts, and books other than the webpages. This is why you will find it interesting if you are interested in looking for something inside a bunch of digital ephemera.

The Wayback Machine Downloader

You will need to follow up your findings by using the Wayback Machine Downloader. It will allow you to download the data today if you intend to preserve it for decades later. This tool is more technical compared to other tools we have mentioned above. You will need to install the Ruby, a programming language, in the system so you can run this website archive tool using a certain command.

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