The Best Web Proxy Services in 2019

Website proxy gains a lot of recognition in the last decade. Since there are so many of them on the internet, you may need an honest review of each name along with the services provided. Other than that, a proxy could help you to protect the privacy of your website. You also have a chance to stay totally anonymous when you are browsing and surfing the internet.

There are free proxy types and paid proxy types you can consider. Other than that, there are lots of variables you need to think before you decide to purchase one from the list of website proxy names. The consideration may include what encryption that will be used for securing the data, how the logs work, and how long the logs would be over.

VPNBook Free Web Proxy

The first name is VPNBook. This proxy is free and it offers such a speedy speed while you can stay anonymous. Besides its fast performance, it also blocks ads and other annoying nuisances. The logging policy will also be cleared automatically after one week. Even though it is not perfect, it is free and great. VPNBook really wants to gives its users the best convenience and experience. You should try it for sure.

Hide My Ass

This is another free proxy service you should consider. The servers are based out of the Netherlands, UK, or US. It supports HTTPS connections as well. However, it has a large banner that will be located at top of every web page you currently open.

There are also limitations to use the free version. If you are willing to upgrade to a premium version, you can get faster speed, more secured encryptions, and extra malware protections.


KProxy is another free proxy with fast performance. The browser is portable so you can use it for surfing on the internet every time and everywhere. Its portable version allows you to install it easily. The portable version can even be built into the Firefox browser.

However, a restriction might apply. You can only use the free version for three hours with 300MB data in maximum. Other than that, the company would not guarantee about a-100% anonymity.


This proxy will allow you to turn your own PC into a remote proxy. The options are very feasible especially when it comes to gaming and streaming. It provides a tidy combination with LogMeIn Hamachi.

However, the performance of this proxy depends so much on the internet connection in your home. Some users reported how frustrating it came when the internet connection in their home got so sluggish. The anonymous information about you may be gained by tracking the cookies.


Are you looking for a proxy for unblocking videos? Well, FIlterBypass will help you with that. It features an impressive set of extra features when it comes to a security matter. It will help you to unblock videos from Dailymotion and YouTube as well. However, the services for retail and banking are totally blocked. And this is the best 5 names of website proxy on the internet.

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