The Ultimate Guide: Is WordPress Blog the Best Choice for You?

WordPress Blog is the most popular platform of website builders. But is it the best choice for your website? Compared to other websites builder platforms such as Squarespace, Weebly, or Wix, WordPress is a 100 percent free platform. In this article, we will help you to make a decision if this platform is the best one for you or not. So, read this article thoroughly.

WordPress is …

WordPress blog is the most popular platform for building a website. More than 33 percent of websites in the world are made by using WordPress. Everyone can use it for free and the suspension is not something you need to worry about. WordPress also allows users to customize content without restrictions. In order to turn it into a website, you will need to register a domain name in the first place.

What type of websites you can make with WordPress

As we have mentioned earlier, WordPress is very easy and simple to use. This is the main reason why people love to use WordPress to make their own blog or even website instead of other platforms. Almost any type of website can be made by using WordPress. And if you cannot find the most suitable plugin for your website, you can hire a freelance developer to arrange anything you need.

How it works

WordPress actually makes three aspects keep separated from each other such as functionality, content, and design. This will makes the data portability becomes easier and more practical. It also means that you can install some content and additional plugins without interfere with one another. It is very fun and simple for sure.

The pros and cons

Of course, before we decide to use a platform we will discuss its pros and cons in the first place. And just like other platforms, WordPress has pros and cons as well. We will show you the good news first.

The advantages

WordPress gives users a bunch of advantages for free and users can also control their own website fully. Users also have access to a bunch of extensions, plugins, and add-ons to enhance their websites. Professional apps can also be installed in WordPress as well.

If you are in charge of a website, you can always keep it simple and manage the features you want to be available for the growth of your website. Of course, WordPress is easy to customize so you can make our own uniqueness without dealing with the hassle. Since this platform is very popular, a wide range of integrations is available.

The disadvantages

Still, nothing is perfect. There are several drawbacks you may face while using this website builder platform. Backups, updates, and security matters need to be maintained manually unless you pay for a premium hosting company from WordPress. This platform also does not provide a drag-and-drop feature so some beginners need to familiarize themselves with those things. Even though you do not need to learn about the CSS and HTML stuff, it will be much easier to handle your website. And this is anything you need to know about WordPress blog.

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